Terms and Conditions

TheEssayWritingService.com is owned and operated by Skyscrapers LLC 1700998.01, PO BOX 515000 Sharjah Media City, Sharjah, UAE.

  1. Terms of Use - Important Definitions

  • Agreement - It intimates to new visitors about our terms and conditions.

  • Website, Company - that is TheEssayWritingService.com (owned & operated by Skyscrapers LLC)

  • Customer, Client - Anyone who purchases a product or service from the website or adds a piece of new information to it is referred to as a 'client'.

  • Order - The service made by the client to avail of the writing service from TheEssayWritingService.com (owned & managed by Skyscrapers LLC). It states the details of the client's order and the sources that are to be used in it.

  • Product - It is the product that is delivered to the client. It is prepared as per the guidelines provided by the client.

  • Revision - The final stage in the procedure is to get and respond to comments. It's when a client requests more modifications based on the initial criteria.

  • Support - Customer Support is the department in charge of assisting customers during the purchasing process.

  • Writer - The writer is paid and maintained by a business that provides the writing service to fulfill the demands of the customer.

  • Credit Balance - This refers to the account balance present in the client's account, made on the company's website.

  1. General Terms

By agreeing to work with TheEssayWritingService.com (owned & operated by Skyscrapers LLC), you confirm that you have accepted our Terms of Use.

In order to access and use this website, you must be of legal age, 18 years or above. If not, you must be assisted and monitored by a guardian or a parent when ordering a service from us.

  • The United Arab Emirates is our country of origin and domicile.

  • Minors, people aged below 18 years of age, are not allowed or authorized to use the site or join it as Users.

  • When paying for the availed services, your details will be transferred to your payment provider via our safe and encrypted connection and database.

  • To keep and maintain a record of all the transactions, the cardholder must keep a proper and regular record of it. It could be either paper or electronic records.

  • We accept payment in all major currencies, including AUD, USD, others.

  • All disputes and claims regarding this website shall be construed and enforced in accordance with the laws of the UAE.

  1. Registration and Ordering Process

  • You may pay for your order or requested service by filling out an order form on the website or communicating with a member of the staff team to guide you through the buying process.

  • The purchase form specifies the scope of the work, purchasing details, and delivery terms. The customer is responsible for providing complete and correct information on the order form or having assistance personnel finish and submit it for him or herself.

  • A consumer must first sign up for a profile by providing their name, email address, and phone number. If the contact information of a customer changes over time, it is the client's responsibility to update their profile or notify support staff about any changes.

  • Customers are unable to establish another profile with distinct usernames and passwords after the account has been set up. Customers are not permitted to create many accounts, but businesses may aggregate several accounts into one profile and track prior purchases.

  1. Payment of the Order or Product

  • Check the website for pricing information. To learn how much the item will cost, go to the website and look up prices. The payment must be made in advance. When the client has completed paying for the items, the business will begin processing his or her order.

  • When placing an order, the client may pay half of the total amount upfront and receive access to the encrypted document. The original file will be delivered once the client has paid in full for the purchase.

  • The client can easily download both the encrypted and complete assignment from his or her account made on the website. The client will be notified via text and email when the documents are uploaded.

  • We accept all credit and debit cards, and the client can use the account balance also to pay for the services.

  • If the client is experiencing any issues related to payment, we suggest that he or she checks the validity of the card, and other possible issues, before talking to our support team.

  1. Order Process

  • Validation of the Order - The company has the power to re-check order information to ensure that they match the client's initial requirements, as well as any other conditions expressly stated by the consumer, such as through chat or phone. Customer service will contact you if there is a discrepancy in order details.

  • Volume of the Order - The quantity of words is the only criterion considered. A page (single-spaced) equals 600 words, whereas a double-spaced page equates to 300 words on average.

  • Changing the Order Details - Customers may contact the assistance staff in the event of a change in order. Any changes requested by the consumer might impact the volume and complexity of the paper, which will be discussed with them.

  • Required Resources - If a particular source is needed to complete the order, the client must provide it in advance and before the writer starts working on the order. This will help in avoiding any delays.

  • Delivery/Shipment Policy and Charges - Our services are digital, which means there is no shipping involved in them. Therefore, the client does not have to pay for shipping. Once the order is done, the client is notified through text and email. Upon receiving them, he or she could access and download the paper from the account.

  • The client sets the deadline for the order when filling out the order form. As a reputed service provider, we take it as a responsibility to complete the order by the given deadline. The delivery time could be anywhere between 1 to 60 days.

  • As per the UAE law and policies, we do not provide any products and services to any OFAC (Office of Foreign Assets Control) countries.

  • Since there could be multiple transactions, the cardholder's bank statement could have multiple postings.

  1. Our Revision Policy

The company provides changes and revisions on the orders in case they are not written according to the given guidelines and instructions

We provide free revisions according to the following conditions.

  • The client must NOT change his or her paper after she has applied or asked for a revision.

  • The client has not violated any terms and conditions.

  • The writer must be given at least 24 hours to work on the revision.

  • Once the paper has been submitted for 14 or more than 14 days, the client is no longer entitled to ask for any revisions.

  1. The Use of Product

All the papers and essays provided by TheEssayWritingService.com (owned and operated by Skyscrapers LLC) are for reference and for the student's personal assistance only. It must not be submitted as the client's original work.

The company holds 100% of copyrights, and if any terms of use are violated, the client will be solely and completely responsible for it.

  1. General Policy

  • The company has the authority to remove any content at any time for any reason and without notice to the customer. The information on the website is for guidance purposes only, which could change over time. Ideally, you should visit the website from time to time to stay updated and informed.

  • All the website content, trademarks, service marks, and logos are owned by TheEssayWritingService.com (owned & operated by Skyscrapers LLC). The business owns all intellectual property rights. You must follow all copyright and other notices displayed in the material if you download anything for your own use. Except as expressly permitted under a written agreement from us, you shall not access the content in any manner whatsoever.

  • You agree that you will not submit any of our work as your own.

  • By ordering a paper or a service here, you agree that you are doing it for your personal use only.

  • The services and products purchased from us are for your personal use and guidance only and must be used as such.

  • The company is not responsible for the costs of the services chosen by the clients at TheEssayWritingService.com (owned and operated by Skyscrapers LLC).

  • The client must provide complete details and information. This will ensure proper and timely delivery of the work. In case any delays occur from the client's side, the company will not be held responsible for it.

  • The client will be responsible for keeping his or her credentials, like the username and password, safe and private.

  1. Amendments and Changes

Customers believe the firm has the power to modify the terms and conditions outlined in the contract. All modifications will be published on the website, so you should visit it regularly.