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Craft Compelling Book Reports - Get 7 Free Book Report Templates!

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Published on: Aug 21, 2023

Last updated on: Sep 9, 2023

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Are book reports giving you a headache every time your teacher assigns one? Do you struggle to organize your thoughts and analyze the book effectively?

Fret no more! We understand the frustration of capturing the essence of the story on your report.

In this blog, we present the ultimate solution - our carefully curated book report templates! With our easy-to-follow templates, you'll learn the art of structuring your report and presenting it with confidence.

Let's dive in and transform your book report writing experience today!

How To Create A Book Report Template?

A book report template is like a ready-to-use plan that helps students or readers organize their ideas and thoughts about reading a book. 

It guides them to include all the important parts of the report in a clear way. It's like a helpful tool to make writing about a book easier. 

Here are the steps you can follow to create an effective book report template:

Step 1: Know Your Purpose

Decide what you want your book report to include. Think about the important things you want to talk about in your report.

Step 2: Choose Your Tool

Pick a tool you like using. It could be a program like Microsoft Word, design software, or even an online tool with ready-made templates.

Step 3: Set Up the Look

Make your template look neat and organized. Choose the font, size, and spacing you find easy to read. Arrange your sections in a logical order.

Step 4: Add a Header

Create a header for your template. Include "Book Report" as the title, leave space for your name, date, and maybe the book's title.

Step 5: Include Important Parts

Add sections for all the important parts of a book report. You can start with the book's title, author, genre, setting, main characters, what happens in the story, your thoughts about it, and how it ends.

Step 6: Make It Look Nice

Design a cover page for your template. You can use images or drawings that show your understanding of the book.

Step 7: Keep It Consistent

Make sure everything looks the same throughout your template. Use the same font, size, and colors for headings and text.

Step 8: Test It Out

Give your template a try by doing a practice book report. See if everything flows nicely, and make any changes you need.

Elements of a Book Report Template

A book report template typically includes various elements to ensure a comprehensive and well-structured report. Here are the key elements you can include in your template:

1. Book Information: Start with the basics. Include the book's title, author's name, and the genre (e.g., fiction, non-fiction).

2. Setting: Describe where and when the story takes place. Mention the location and time period to set the context.

3. Main Characters: Introduce the main characters of the story. Write a brief description of each character's role and personality.

4. Plot Summary: Provide a concise summary of the book's plot, outlining the main events and the overall storyline.

5. Theme or Message: Identify the central theme or message conveyed by the book. This could be a life lesson, moral, or idea explored in the story.

6. Analysis or Opinion: Demonstrate your reading comprehension by sharing your thoughtful analysis of characters and opinions about the book. Explain what you liked or disliked and support your opinions with reasons.

7. Favorite Part: Highlight a particular section or event that stood out to you and explain why it was your favorite.

8. Recommendation: Offer a recommendation for the book. Let others know if you think they should read it and why.

9. Rating: Give the book a rating, such as stars or a grade, to express your overall opinion.

10. About the Author: Include some information about the author, such as their background or other notable works.

11. Fun Facts: Share any interesting or surprising facts related to the book or the author.

12. Illustrations: If you're feeling creative, add illustrations or drawings that represent key scenes or characters from the book.

A book report template with these elements will help you present a well-rounded and organized review of the book you've read. It's a simple and effective way to showcase your understanding and feelings about the story!

Sample Book Report Templates for Students

Sample templates can be a great starting point for students to write their own templates or use them as references for their report writing. Here is a list of multiple templates for each grade:

Elementary Book Report Template 

Elementary Book Report Template -

Book Report Template 2th Grade

Book Report Template 2nd Grade -

Book Report Template 3rd Grade

Book Report Template 3rd Grade -

Book Report Template 4th Grade

Book Report Template 4th Grade -

Book Report Template 5th Grade

Book Report Template 5th Grade -

Book Report Template 6th Grade

View this middle school book report template:

Book Report Template 6th Grade -

Book Report Template 7th Grade

Book Report Template 7th Grade -

These printable book report templates can be very helpful for starting your reporting. Here are some more templates of different formats:

Cereal Box Book Report Template 

A cereal box book report is a creative way of presenting information about a book you have read. Instead of using a traditional book report format, you design and decorate a cereal box to showcase key details of the book.

Here's a template you can use to create a cereal box book report:

Cereal Box Book Report Template

Front of the Box

- Book Title

- Author

- Illustration or Image of the Book

- Catchy Slogan or Tagline

Ingredients (Key Characters)

- Main Character 1

- Main Character 2

- Supporting Character 1

- Supporting Character 2

Nutrition Facts (Plot Summary)

- Setting

- Beginning of the Story

- Middle of the Story

- Climax or Turning Point

- Resolution or Ending

Side Panels

- Theme or Message

- Favorite Part

- Recommendation (Would you recommend it?)

- Rating (Stars, Thumbs up, etc.)

Back of the Box

- About the Author

- Fun Facts about the Book

- Review or Quote from the Book

Non Fiction Book Report Template 

Book report writing is different for both fictional and non-fictional writing. In a book report for a non-fictional, you would focus more on the facts and arguments presented by the author rather than how the plot flows.

Here is a book report form that you can fill out for writing a report on a non-fiction work:

Non-Fiction Book Report Template

Book Title & Author


- Main Topic/Subject

- Key Points/Findings

- Supporting Evidence

- Conclusion/Key Takeaways

Key Concepts

- Concept 1

- Concept 2

- Concept 3

Personal Reflection

- What I Learned

- How It Impacted Me

- Relevance to Real Life

- Any Disagreements or Criticisms

Favorite Quotes

- Quote 1

- Quote 2


- Who Would Benefit from Reading This?

- Why Should Others Read It?

Additional Comments

Expert Tip

Looking for examples to kickstart your writing? Explore these book report examples for inspiration!

So, now you know, book report templates are valuable tools that help students to express their insights about the books they read in an organized manner. 

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Betty is a writer and researcher who has a Master's degree in literature. She enjoys working with her clients to provide writing services. Betty is a voracious reader who likes learning new things. She has provided writing services to students of all academic levels and areas of study.

Betty is a writer and researcher who has a Master's degree in literature. She enjoys working with her clients to provide writing services. Betty is a voracious reader who likes learning new things. She has provided writing services to students of all academic levels and areas of study.

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